class descriptions

We believe that yoga is for everyone. We offer classes​ in different degrees of heat and intensity, but all of ​​our classes are open to and appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

hot 90

temp: 105°     time: 90 min

Get ready to sweat! This therapeutic sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is designed to heal, strengthen, and balance the body as well as focus and challenge the mind. Practiced in a hot room, this class leaves you feeling detoxified and refreshed from the inside out.​

hot 60

temp: 105°     time: 60 min

Experience the same sequence with same intensity as in the HOT 90, in only 60 minutes. This is the perfect class for those busy people with the desire for a strong and powerful experience and little time.

warm 60

temp: 90°     time: 60 min

Warm up to the therapeutic benefits of the “hot yoga” sequence with this class, which hits the highlights in just 60 minutes. With just enough heat to warm and protect your muscles, this accessible class gives all levels a solid foundation in correct form and breathing, as well as a thorough workout for the mind.

still 30

meditation time: 30 min

Immediately following the Warm 60 class, this mostly self-guided meditation session gives you some peaceful time for your Self. There is no extra charge; drop-ins are also welcome.​

flow 75

temp: room     time: 75 min

Get in the flow with this dynamic blend of fundamentals and new frontiers at a powerful, exhilarating pace. Students of all levels will build flexibility, strength, and inner freedom as we flow through movement, breathing, and meditation in a fun and exploratory way.​

warm flow 75

temp: 90°     time: 75 min

​This class offers a dynamic connection of movement with breath focused on endurance, flexibility, and strength. The heat will allow you to safely reach new ​personal ​levels​ and depth​. Creative sequencing ​inspire​s​ physical, energetic, mental, and inner freedom. ​

deep 75

temp: comfy     time: 75 min

When you need a little extra tender loving care this slower paced and gentle yin-style class includes passive, longer held poses while focusing on the breath. Many of the poses are seated or lying on your back or stomach. Longer poses help facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons, ligaments and fascia, thus being relaxing and restorative for the entire body. This class is a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga. Surrender to this more meditative practice and leave with a feeling of lightness and peace.

kids 60

temp:  comfy     time: 60 min

A fun learning experience for your child, this class introduces them to all aspects of a healthy, age-appropriate yoga practice. Playful poses promote self-exploration, and increase their body awareness in a noncompetitive, nurturing environment. We welcome ages 4 (or potty trained) up to 12 years old. Parents can feel free to drop off their child or attend an adult class happening at the same time. Please arrive 15 minutes before class to sign a waiver. Yoga mats are provided.