here comes the sun

Every year, with the arrival of the Spring season, I play a special game with the children in my kids yoga class. And it’s their favorite thing!
We talk about the birth of life and what nourishment is needed for plants and living creatures to grow …
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bursting into spring | alignment and posture

The same way those flowers burst out of their buds, the Spring season sparks our hearts to burst open. When I think of practicing yoga, I choose postures that give me the same feeling of celebration – postures that are playful, adventurous, alive and make me feel like a kid jumping around with excitement.
I’ll share with you my three favorite spring postures …
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refresh & replenish after class


We’re offering different replenishing drinks at the studio.
After the positive feedback we received from offering Kombucha, we thought you might also like to add ALO to your mix.

Alo is a refreshing beverage infused with real aloe vera pulp & juice. It contains natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Aloe vera does as much good on the inside as it does on your skin, promoting healthy digestion, reducing inflammation and supporting your joints and muscles. You don’t have to wait for a sunburn to feel the soothing effects of ALO. Just try it after your next class!

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our peaceful yogi


Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for the name of our peaceful yogi. We had many wonderful entries.

Finally, with supporting votes from all of the partners, we settled on “Shanti”. Shanti is a Sanskrit word that means peace and inner bliss. Isn’t the search for that one of the reasons we all come to the studio?
Two people suggested Shanti and will receive an evolation water bottle.

Honorable mentions go to Tom Holmes for “Ashanti” and to Aly Metcalfe for “Makara” – meaning “Mystical creature of Waters” in Hindu.

21 days

1. Do it ONE thing at a time. When we focus on forming just one habit, the likelihood of sticking to it and turning a behavior into a synaptic habit pathway is greatly improved.
2. Track your progress. When it comes to yoga at evolation, you can sign up for your classes in advance online or on the mindbody connect app. After making a profile you can check your account at any time to see how many classes you have taken.
3. Be consistent in the beginning. Studies show that consistency pays off, particularly in the beginning of creating a habit when automaticity increases are at their highest.
4. Don’t stop if it seems to be hard. Many people fail because they give up too early. Remember to be compassionate with yourself.
5. Keep motivational reminders on hand. At the beginning when whatever inspired the new habit is fresh on the mind it’s easy to put in the work. But as time passes the inspiration starts to fade. Motivational reminders will help to drive you through the uphill 6. climb to habit formation.
7. Visualize the rewards of establishing the new habit. Whenever you feel yourself waning or falling back into a bad habit, imagine how much better things will be now and in the future because of the new habit.