Amanda Hamilton


Amanda completed her yoga teacher training at the Bhakti Yoga Shala with Govind Das in 2010 and has been teaching yoga ever since. She has travelled to India and immersed herself in yogic culture and philosophy, and leads tours and retreats to India. Amanda also loves singing, and can be found preforming with her band Kalakar at yoga and music festivals world wide. She is also a student at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she studies Jungian Psychology.

Teaching Style

Amanda combines an in depth knowledge of yoga with early childhood development to create a truly playful, child centered experience for the young yogi. Amanda also teaches Vinyasa, Flow, and Yin / Restorative with a heart centered, healing approach.

How Yoga Serves Amanda

Yoga has helped Amanda to create a more meaningful relationship with herself and the world. She has healed herself in so many ways with this practice, and seeks to share this gift with others.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Life is a gift, and yoga a chance to live more fully.

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