Javier Medina


Long time musician in Santa Barbara. Focusing on performances of acoustic music from the South American Andes to the Caribbean of Cuba and Mexico with emphasis in the ancient roots of the native Indians and metizo roots.

Javier started practicing yoga at the Santa Barbara Bikram yoga studio in 2011. Immediately embracing the practice and the mental and physical benefits it provides. After a few classes he participated in every 30 and 60 day challenge with great passion and determination.
Javier participated and accomplished various meditation programs and workshops by Sad Ghuru at the Isha Crya fundation
He graduated from Bikram 26+2 teacher training in 2016 with 500 Hours Certification as Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Teaching Style

Javier teaches a strong and energetic yoga class making sure to explain the benefits of each asana. Personable and passionate Instructor dedicated to sharing the Yoga tradition and lifestyle with eager students. Javier is recognized for ability to conduct warm and inviting classes that foster an invigorating, centering, and calming environment. Ability to empathize and develop relationships with people of different abilities and from various backgrounds.