Maddy Bortes

Teaching Style

Maddy’s classes are never the same twice. She believes that our yoga practice is there to meet us where and how we need to be met…each time. Yoga doesn’t ask much of us beyond just showing up to face ourselves, to do the work. With that intent in mind, Maddy designs her classes to offer a space for genuine self-reflection where you may wander through the layers of your body and have a creative canvas for whatever you need to explore that day.
In Maddy’s classes expect longer holds coupled with fluid and intuitive movements. She will guide you to weave the intimacy of your breath throughout your practice so you may deepen an empowered, nourishing relationship with yourself in each moment.


Maddy’s teaching is influenced by her studies of meditation, Forrest and Vinyasa yoga, and somatics at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She continues to develop her understanding of conscious embodied living through her work with private clients and her own creative endeavors. You may contact Maddy at

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