Martyntje Kyle

Teaching Style

The classes Martyntje teaches are energetic and upbeat and match her personality. She emphasizing breath and alignment and believes that when conditions of compassion and acknowledgement are present, transformation happens exponentially. Martyntje has the ability to create space, so growth and opportunities are possible. With a passion for learning and inspiring others, as both a teacher and a student, she strives to build greater self-awareness, empowerment and peace through yoga practice.

How Yoga Serves Martyntje

Her first real hot yoga class wowed her to her core. She instantly fell for the amazing practice of hot yoga and it’s endless physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Hatha Yoga grounds Martyntje. She finds clarity, love and peace while practicing. When she practices yoga frequently she finds balance. When she finds balance she feels a strong connection between body and mind, She is patient, calm and feels in control of her life outside the yoga room.

Words of Wisdom for Students

“Objective conditions are always neutral. It is how you react to them that makes them appear sad or happy. Work on yourself: on your reactions to outer circumstances. This is the essence of yoga: to neutralize the waves of reaction to the heart. Be ever happy inside. You will never be able to change things outwardly in such a way as to make them ever pleasing to you. Change yourself.” –Paramhansa Yogananda


Martyntje Kyle is a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and avid yoga practitioner born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has attended workshops and taught yoga at studios both in Europe and in the U.S. As a continual student of yoga disciplines, she loves sharing what she has learned with her students and fellow teachers. Off the mat, Martyntje lives a very active and healthy lifestyle. She and her husband have lived in many places and have chosen Santa Barbara as the ideal place to live and raise their two teenage sons. They moved here from Europe in 2010 and absolutely love being able to call Santa Barbara, ‘home’.

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