evolation yoga Santa Barbara 30-day Challenge

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Join us for this inspiring and motivating community event!

The goal of a 30 Day Challenge is to come to yoga every day for 30 days, and see the positive physical and mental changes realized by a consistent practice. Sometimes you can simply set a personal intention of adding just one more class a week. That’s a BIG deal, do it!

Set your own PERSONAL goal… How many classes do YOU want to take in January? 10? 20? 30? Write it down and stick with it! We will help you!

30 day challenge

Here is how it works:

  • Purchase the Challenge Membership and your current membership will be placed on hold for 30 days, starting January 15, so you don’t have to worry about the Challenge Month taking up part of your current membership expiration.
  • The Challenge Membership is a discounted one month unlimited yoga. For that reduced price you get unlimited yoga classes & everything else included in the Challengers PRIZE PACKAGE:
    • FREE Challengers Posture workshop with Zefea ($35 for other students )
    • A DISCOUNT on your next purchase: Complete 20 classes in 20 days? You get $20 off your next membership. Did you complete ALL 30 days? You get $30 off your next membership. You can even do more classes per day. You earn your own discount!
    • Additional prizes – stay tuned to see what we’ll be giving away
    • Fun happening at the end to celebrate with all other challengers

30 day challenge


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