One World Still Meditation: December 19, 11am

One World Still Meditation: December 19, 11am

One World Still Meditation

On Saturday, December 19 at 11am we will take a moment to be still as One with the global efforts of One World Still.

Our time in stillness will last from 11 to 11:30am, so please arrive a few minutes early at The Big Yellow House so we can start in synchronization with everyone else around the world. After our time together, you are more than welcome to stay a little longer.

As time approaches 11am on December 19, people from all over the planet will be joining with others, trekking to peaceful locations, or staying in the comfort of their own homes to observe an hour of stillness. An hour without stress, complaints, or concerns. An hour to focus on inner peace, notice the lucky few that surround them and become aware of the worldwide collective. An hour where everyone is still together to join collective energies.

Amazing things can be accomplished in an hour when we all come together.

If you have any pictures to give, we would love to receive them at or on our Facebook page. They can be of you, your still space or even a time piece.

If you would like more information about One World Still, head to our site at or check out One World Still’s Facebook Page.