Aly Metcalfe

Alyson has always been a person in motion – swimmer, day hiker, surfer, climber of sand dunes, player of pickup sports in the park. She grew up in Ann Arbor, and studied English Literature at the University of Michigan, where she also began practicing Iyengar yoga. It both dovetailed beautifully with and was the antidote for all her other activities. Her first yoga teacher was originally a piano tuner and her precise teaching set up a firm foundation for Aly’s practice. She emphasized attention to detail, never going deeper into a posture until the setup is correct, and the body as an instrument that hums and purrs when properly tuned. Also highly influential were her admonitions against destination focussed yoga: “Everybody wants to grab their foot, but when you get to your foot, it’s still just your foot.”

Later, Alyson drifted toward a disciplined home practice of Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga while her children were young and after they started school, she began to practicing Bikram yoga, where she fell in love with the 26 posture series in the heat. She greatly appreciates how, while everyday the body is totally different, the series remains consistent and is a valuable measuring stick against which to gauge individual change.

She came to the beautiful Evolation studio in Summerland last fall, where she maintains her regular Hot series practice but continues to grow and evolve with the flow and deep classes. Everything fell neatly into place for Aly to do the early spring training in 2016. She has found the shift from practitioner to teacher to be transformational; in her practice, her relationship to yoga, and to the world. She has found it deeply rewarding to share her love and study of yoga with others and to continue to learn so much each time she steps into the studio. Her goal as a teacher is to balance specific instruction and encouragement for correct alignment and form, with space, silence and peacefulness for each student to find their own meditation and truest individual expression of the postures.

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