Brandi Cass

Teaching Style

Deepening the connection between the body and mind is Brandi’s main goal in class. With a love for Ayurvedic medicine and meditation and a foundation in Bikram yoga, she strives to find a balance between Ying and Yang. By combining the yang-like approach of hot yoga with yin yoga and meditation, her students are able to create muscular balance along with joint and connective tissue support allowing little room for injuries.

How Yoga Serves Brandi

Teaching from personal experience, Brandi has used this technique with in her own yoga practice. Brandi’s over-achieving nature and tendency for high stress led to a laundry list of ailments. Her body and health were suffering. Once she learned to re-align the body correctly and quiet the mind she experienced all the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice. The results were limitless but included less stress and anxiety, better sleep, more focus, and improved relationships.

Words of Wisdom for Students

“There is something you have to understand. It is very simple and very true. A pose isn’t suppose to look like anything. Nobody can do a pose so it looks perfect. A pose is perfect only when you are doing the very best you can.” – How Yoga Works, GesneMichaez Roach


Brandi is from a small, California town named Beaumont. She spent the first 18 years of her life in this hot dessert town, with a love for the water. She spent most of her time in the water, swimming competitively during the week and wakeboarding and water skiing through the weekends. At 18, she moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. Here, she earned her degree in Psychology and Education before discovering yoga as another tool to deepen the connection between the body and mind.

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