Evelyn Alfago

Evelyn Alfago is a certified Bikram Yoga teacher and also Master’s Core System and Advanced Method teacher certified by Tony Sanchez.

She was born and raised in Ecuador South America. Throughout her whole life she has been a competitive runner and has been involved in extreme sports as such as surfing, sailing, and lung diving. When she was younger she was not fully aware of her own body and many times took her youth and energy for granted. It was only when she was exposed to an almost fatal accident that broke several bones in her body that she became aware that life is a very delicate but harmonic balance between the body, the mind and the spirit. Her recovery was a hard path. It was then that yoga came into her life and changed things drastically. The practice taught her many lessons that not only apply to the poses but to life itself. Subtle practices such as stillness of the mind-body, patience, compassion, awareness, and constant dedication are essential to transform the mundane to the meaningful. Evelyn learned that even when things get hard, you can be strong enough to never give up and achieve the unimaginable – for there is always a peak to reach where you stand as a witness in the middle of your own transformation. She transformed her injuries into points of focus and precision. She believes that the body is a very efficient tool to build a good life if the mind is in harmony with it. At the same time, our body is a perfect temple and the mind a perfect guide to harmonize with our own spirit or connection with the universe.

Her current home is Santa Barbara, California. She has taught 900+ classes and practiced 1,600 classes, for a total of 6,000 hours of study and experience. Evelyn devotes most of her days to her practice, method improvement and testing, empirical research and application of medical approaches to the practice.

For fun and life, she loves surfing and sailing. She is a sailing instructor and able seaman as well. She plays guitar and also writes poetry. She enjoys nature, trees, birds, bees… and of course the occasional beer and pizza!

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