Julian Hayes


Julian a Connecticut Native, first experienced yoga in 2014, when he gravitated towards the practice while seeking better ways to take care of his body and mind. He played Division 1 football at Monmouth University in New Jersey, and since finishing his collegiate career has played professional arena football, while pursuing a career in the NFL. His sports background has had a profound influence on him, and has motivated him to be a leader who understands the importance of teamwork, community, self-love, self-preservation, and self-discovery. Julian’s mission is to not only push himself to his limits, but to guide others in believing in themselves, and understanding the limitless potential that lies in all of us. Julian is a child care specialist who also works as a health coach and personal trainer in Santa Barbara, with experience training and teaching yoga to youth through senior populations. He received his 200 Hr. YTT certificate at Power of Your OM studio in Santa Barbara fall of 2017, and has been teaching locally, both in a traditional yoga studio and outdoors in nature ever since.

Teaching Style

Julian received his teaching credentials under the Baptiste School, and has practiced under a variety of schools throughout the country. He teaches to the needs of the class and tries to live by the ideology of teaching to the “middle of the room”. Some days we have a ferocious flame inside of us, and our fire burning within is so bright that it fuels us to new discovery in our poses and postures. Other days our flame is gentle and needs to be nurtured and loved. His classes focus on the individual and their own mat. Simply put some days we feel our best, and others not so much. When we seek peace of mind through our ever changing lives on our mats and in the outside world, a shift occurs. Through this shift we understand that despite unlimited possibilities we are exactly where we need to be. With our breath flowing through us, anything is possible.

How Yoga Serves Julian

Yoga has helped Julian become the person he is today. He attributes the shifts he has made in his life, with the shifts he continues to make on his yoga mat. Whether it is coming into Ujjayi breath during stressful times, or meditating and looking within to find answers. He uses the lessons learned from yoga in all other aspects of his life.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Like yoga, life is not about a destination. The journey molds, shapes, and develops us. It is not to say that we should not look forward to the future, but more so where you are right now is EXACTLY where YOU need to be. Embrace every moment, it is a gift just for you.

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