Leanna Doyle

The mind body connection that shapes the practice of yoga has been with Leanna from a very young age. Extensive demands involved with figure skating competitions and dance performances, led her to seek skills and tools that would help her focus better on her overall performance. Through yoga she found breath control and visualization. Skipping forward to today, Leanna practices yoga daily with strong intentions of positive physical health, mental clarity, and concentration on the gratitude and acceptance on the here and now.

Leanna’s teaching experience extends through a span of over three decades, and she continues to further educate herself by learning from some of the finest teachers and pioneers in both Pilates and yoga. After taking one of Leanna’s classes, it’s clear that she is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge, and clients often find comfort in knowing they are being guided from exactly where they are at the time from someone who has extensive knowledge and wisdom to adapt and continue to learn herself.

The experience that comes along with Leanna’s classes involve clear and descriptive cuing as well as a stellar blend of alignment, strength building, and creative sequencing. Her teaching style provides students with a compassionate safe space for anyone and all, whether you are attending class with a personal injury, looking to further deepen your practice, or simply to find joy.

Leanna believes that with a conscious and consistent practice, we can evolve in this lifetime. She also believes that Yoga gives us the tools to expand, pause, and be mindful, welcoming all of life’s fluctuations.

For 18 years Leanna enjoyed owning her own studio, where she taught her clients classical Pilates and yoga. Currently she has cut ties with her brick and mortar, and is loving the experience and variety of teaching privately in homes, and other wonderful Pilates and Yoga studios in Carpinteria, Montecito, and Santa Barbara.

In addition to being certified in Pilates and a Yoga Alliance registered instructor, Leanna has a BFA in Dance front CSULB, is a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise, a certified Water Safety Instructor, Pre and Postnatal fitness certified, and a certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Leanna lives in Carpinteria with her husband and mini Dauchound. She looks forward to the times that she can enjoy her family, friends, and especially her 3 year old Granddaughter Kabrie.