You’ve felt it. Those moments you get from your yoga practice that fill you with peace. Those moments where you feel spacious and lighter and you catch glimpses of your true spirit. Those moments where you feel glimmers of light guiding your way and internal answers to your questions.

Maybe you felt it in Savasana, the ending rest after a long, sweaty physical yoga class. Maybe you felt it later in the day when you were strolling on the beach gazing out over the horizon. Maybe you felt it though an interaction with another person, where your souls actually saw each other and the connection felt effortless. Maybe you even felt it driving in your car, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, as you witnessed the peaceful acceptance of something beyond your control.

No matter where or when you felt it, something inside you keeps bringing you back to the yoga practice to feel it again and to feel it more deeply.


So where do we go from here? HOW do we feel it more deeply? How do we peel away more layers of the habitual and negative and blocking patterns we hold onto and bring in more of the peace, spaciousness, light and truth?

The answer is simple. You just keep going. The answer is there is no answer. There is no end. There is no final practice where you instantly feel: I’ve made it! I’m perfectly blissful and content and enlightened forever and ever… The end! You just keep going. And there is no right way. There is no direct path. There is no finale. There is no award. You just keep breathing and moving and sweating and being still and listening and growing, and you just keep going.

Personally, I have chosen many times in my life to GO, and by going, I go deeper in my practice. First, it started by going to yoga class three times a week at the same time with one specific teacher. Then, I started going to different teachers, different class times, different types of yoga practices, and LOTS of workshops. Then, I decided to go do a yoga teacher training in Hawaii, then I decided to go on a yoga retreat to Joshua Tree, and from there, it simply continued… I just kept going! I would go on these experiences to deepen my yoga practice. And each time I went, I felt more and more of the moments I mentioned: peace, space, truth, light, and internal answers. I just kept going and, as a result, I kept feeling deeper and deeper connections.

Have you been asking yourself- where do I go from here? Has your soul been wanting more? Next time you find yourself in savanna or gazing at the horizon or having a conversation or sitting in traffic, let yourself feel your internal answers and listen to what they are saying to you. You’ll know where to go. There are retreats and trainings all over the world. There are countless guides and different practices and specific workshops out there ready assist you in going deeper. You just need to go.

~ by Linda Baffa

Linda Baffa is our lead Flow teacher at Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara, leads retreats all over the world and, through Evolation Yoga, helps lead yoga teacher trainings. Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara is now offering monthly workshops to go deeper in your practice, which are free to members! If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice start with a workshop at the studio and to take it even further, consider retreats or teacher trainings for yourself. Visit www.lindabaffa.com or www.evolationyoga.com to see the possibilities on where to go from here!